UNESCO City of DesignThe purpose of Creative Industries Styria is to develop the potential of the creative industry in Styria and to build networks with small and medium-sized enterprises in the services sector. The creative industry is one of the strongest sectors of the Styrian economy; its active promotion enhances Styria’s attractiveness as a business location and is a major contribution to value creation in the region.

Integration: Styria sets the mark

Bettina Vollath, first Minister of Integration, about her vision

Land SteiermarkSince autumn 2010, Styria has its first Ministry of Integration: an exciting task for Bettina Vollath as the first Minister of Integration. For there are more than one definition of what integration really means.

It is essential that Styria has set a clear sign with its Integration Ministry: Styria is to intensely deal with this issue. The goal is to ensure peaceful coexistence of all people in our country. We are fully committed to being a country of diversity and a society subject to permanent change. We are committed to our responsibility to actively work on the framework conditions for a peaceful, low-conflict, easy-going and equal-opportunities communal life!

Holding Graz

Cooperation and network partners

Graz Giants 

The GRAZ GIANTS were founded in 1981 and are now the oldest existing and most successful American Football Club in Austria.
The GIANTS have been Austrian masters 10 times and missed the entry to the Semi-Finals of the Austrian Football League only once.
The Giants play and train in the ASKÖ Stadium Eggenberg, a sports centre with two multi-functional sports halls, a Judo hall, bowling alleys, a fitness club and premises for training camps. The stadium caters for 8,500 spectators and is the third-largest stadium in Graz.



Many people believe that people with learning difficulties and impairments work less well than others. We at atempo know that the contrary is true! Some tasks are best achieved by people with learning difficulties and impairments. Because they are the experts. Atempo helps in ensuring these tasks.
Our products and services are so good because people with learning difficulties and impairments make them work.


Respact Respact – austrian business council for sustainable development is the leading business platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development in Austria.


1A Druck 

Everything within our own four walls, without any subcontracting. Special combination options of the printing and finishing techniques, compressed know-how in one spot: offset printing, UV offset printing, lenticular printing, digital printing with text and image personalisation, blind stamping, hot foil stamping, perforation, varnish effects with UV or dispersion varnishes (Iriodine effect, drip-off, spot varnishing), cellophaning, creasing, gluing, confectioning, letter shop, mailing services.
Recently the entire offset print production (except for UV offset) and digital printing range (iGen4) has been awarded the Austrian Umweltzeichen (environmental label).


We should like to thank all parties involved for their cooperation.

Maggie Jansenberger, MAS

The independent and instruction-free officer for women’s affairs runs an Ombuds service for the information and support of women and girls living in Graz who search advice or help, have ideas or complaints, need support in enforcing their rights, wish to point to discrimination or to wishes for improving the situation of Graz residents.

Mag. DrIn Elke Lujansky-Lammer

Tasks of the lawyer for the equal treatment and equality of women and men in the world of work
We advise persons who feel disadvantaged in an occupational relationship with regard to the other sex

  • in negotiations with their employer
  • on the best possible use of legal means
  • by giving in-process support and guidance with complaints addressed to the equal treatment commission

We inform about the relevance of the Equal Treatment Act for private businesses:

  • For all interested parties, especially for multipliers
  • Information about ways of using legal means in practice, success and problems, precedent decisions of the Equal Treatment Commission, current issues of the equal treatment legislation etc.


DrIn Irmtraud Pribas – Clima protection garden Gosdorf, Energieagentur Weststeiermark

Enhancing awareness as part of our social-political task and sensitizing people for the fields of environmental protection, climate protection, and the energy issue are focal points of the project. The coordination service of the European Green Band is located in the same office building.
The employment project has been initiated by Mayor Anton Vukan, project carrier is Steirische Wissenschafts- Umwelt- und Kulturprojektträger GesmbH (ST:WUK) in cooperation with Energieagentur Weststeiermark. Supported by Arbeitsmarktservice Styria, the Province of Styria, the community and the local tourism association, the Association Au(s)blicke is responsible for the project. Our garden is growing slowly, but surely. Changes are easily visible for the interested visitor. Nature accepts no pressure: things happen as they can. Everything is based on patience and endurance, also in the personal history of our employees.

Our garden – a special piece of life, a special piece of nature.

Eduard Riha, Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rehabilitation

The Austrian ARGE for Rehabilitation is a roof organisation representing 78 associations of people with impairments in Austria, totalling more than 400,000 members and single memberships. It also provides a wide variety of services to single members and partners. The ÖAR is politically independent and religiously neutral.